Training details:

MTCTCE is second - engineering lever course from MikroTik By the end of this training session, the student will be familiar with RouterOS advanced traffic control mechanisms and implement security and QoS policies in any size networks

Target audience:

Network engineers and technicians wanting to improve security and quality in their networks:

Course prerequisites:

The student must have MTCNA certificate (expired ones are also acceptable)


After training student can attempt official MikroTik Exam and get MikroTik certificate

Training agenda:

Packet flow diagram

  • Why this diagram is necessary?
  • Full overview of all things covered by diagram
  • Simple examples how packet travels through the diagram
  • More complex examples of diagram usage

Firewall filter/nat/mangle

    Connection tracking
  • Filter
  • NAT
  • Mangle
  • Some complicated rule "conditions" covered
  • uPNP

Quality of Service

  • HTB
  • Burst
  • Queue types
  • Simple queue and queue tree interaction

DNS client/cache

  • DHCP communication analysis
  • DHCP-client identification/ configuration
  • DHCP server configuration

Web Proxy

  • Basic configuration
  • Proxy rule lists
  • Regular expression

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