Training details:

MTCIPv6E is second level course. During this course students will learn how to properly use IPv6 Protocol in order to avoid transition mechanism downtimes or aproach security problems becouse in new IP protocol every host will have public IP addresses and additional security mechanism will need to be implemented.

Target audience:

System admins who wants to implement IPv6 protocol in own networks

Course prerequisites:

The student must have MTCNA certificate (expired ones are also acceptable)


After training student can attempt official MikroTik Exam and get MikroTik certificate

Training agenda:

Introduction to IPv6

  • IPv6 address
    • Differences between IPv4 and IPv6
  • Address distribution
  • Address notation
    • SLAAC IPv6 address creation (EUI-64)
  • Subnetting
  • Address types
    • Link-local
    • Global
    • Multicast
    • Anycast
    • Unique local
    • Special addresses
  • Reserved IPv6 addresses

IPv6 Protocol

    • Address configuration
      • Auto-configuration
      • Stateless – SLAAC, DHCPv6
      • Stateful – DHCPv6
    • Neighbor discovery protocol
    • IPv6 routing basics
      • IPv6 prefix

IPv6 Packet

  • IPv6 header
    • Header field description
    • Next header (daisy chaining)
    • Fragmentation
  • Path MTU discovery

IPv6 Security

  • ICMPv6
    • Neighbor discovery protocol
    • Router solicitation
    • Router advertisement
    • Neighbor solicitation
      • Duplicate address detection
      • Neighbor unreachability detection
    • Neighbor advertisement
      • ‘Managed address configuration’ flag
      • ‘Other configuration’ flag
    • Redirect
  • MLD (Multicast Listener Discovery)
  • Temporary addresses
  • Firewall
  • IPsec
    • Header only encryption (AH)
    • Data only encryption (ESP)
    • Header and data encryption (AH+ESP)

Transition Mechanisms

    • Dual stack (RIPE recommended)
    • 6to4
    • 6RD
    • Teredo
    • DS-lite (Dual stack lite)

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